What Is Entrepreneurship All About?

About two years ago I had to ask myself this question, the answer to the question didn’t come to me straight away, it took me a while to figure out what Entrepreneurship is all about.

Despite the fact that I did a course titled “Entrepreneurship” in my 100 level in higher institution, I still didn’t understand in a simplified way what Entrepreneurship is all about.

To really understand what Entrepreneurship is all about I had to dig deep into the lives of people who claim to be one, and see what they are doing and saying in regards to entrepreneurship.

You must have heard people describe themselves as an Entrepreneur or your teachers/lectures or speakers encouraging you to become an Entrepreneur, but what I’m not sure of is if most people understand what Entrepreneurship is really all about which brings me to the question below.

What is Entrepreneurship all about?

Entrepreneurship is not just about having money or becoming wealthy, Entrepreneurship is not all about being outspoken or being smart or having great ideas, Entrepreneurship is all about adding value to people and things around us.

It’s all about converting ideas, money, smartness, knowledge, outspokenness, and more other things to creating and distributing value to the world around us.

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This value can come in two different ways; It can be in form of helping people solve their problems, or helping people have a better experience with the world around them.

The key features of an Entrepreneur are creating and adding value.

Anyone who can create Value from spiritual (thinking) and physical (things around us) deposition of the world is an Entrepreneur.

When you look at Entrepreneurship from this point of view, which is what it really is, you will discover that it’s something anyone can become, it’s not a thing reserved for special people with special abilities. Because everyone has the ability to create Value in different aspects of life.

When we look at Entrepreneurship from this point of view it will help us to start thinking and asking questions that can lead to becoming one. Thoughts and questions like: how can I create and add Value to the people and the world around me?.

Thoughts and questions of this nature are the seed of an entrepreneurial venture.

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