10 Things You Can’t Buy With Money

Money is a good thing, it rules the world to an extent. But just like almost everything in the world, money has limitations. There are things you can’t buy with money.

Don’t get me wrong? I don’t mean money is evil. I personally don’t subscribe to the idea that money is the root of all evil. I believe that money in the wrong hands can cause lots of evil in the world, but money in good hands is a blessing to the world.

If you observe aroud you, you will see many people who are doing great things only because they have the money, but regardless of the good things money can do in the world, there are few things money can’t afford or influence.

I want to share with you 10 things you can’t buy with money.

1. Morals

A dictionary once defined moral as “Of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behaviour, especially for teaching right behaviour.”

Morals is about the understanding of what is right and wrong. You can’t buy morals in the market.

Morals are something that can be taught to us by the various agent of socialization – family, school and church. You also gain morals from past experience, good or bad. But money don’t buy you morals.


Respect is earned by our attitude towards others. How you treat others gets you respect.

3. Attitude

There’s no market for attitude; our attitude towards things and people is as a result of our philosophy towards life.

Attitude is an emotional thing, it’s mostly influenced by the information we have gathered, our philosophy.

The environment where we grow up, family, peer groups, school, the religious centre we worship, the books we read, the videos we watch, these and many other things are what team up to shape our philosophy, which on the other end define our attitude.

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You can’t buy attitude as a whole with money, it’s made up, not sold.

4. Characters

Character is one other thing you can’t buy with money. Character, your personality; the fictional imagery of how people see you, you can’t buy that with money.

Character, either positive or negative is something you build with time and effort, you can’t buy a whole made of it with money. Having money can only magnify it in either ways, positive or negative.

5. Common sense

There’s this proverb that my elders used to say, “they don’t tell a blind man that war has bagan”. By the sound of guns and bomb blast, even without seeing (with just hearing) he is supposed to use his common sense to know that war has began.

Common sense is something we develop over time as humans, by making mistakes and getting things right, knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Common sense is like a tree that grows from the soil of our past experience with life.

You can’t buy it with money, you mostly buy it with time.

6. Manners

Your behaviour given certain circumstances is another thing money can’t buy.

Your personality plays an important role than money when it comes to manners

7. Trust

Trust is not something you earn by opening trust fund account for someone. Trust is something you earn by proving that you can be trusted.

And the only way to prove that you can be trusted is by your own actions. When you stick to an agreement in whatever instance, and regardless of circumstances, you earn trust.

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8. Patience

Ability to wait a little bit longer and still maintain good attitude is something you can’t buy with money.

9. Integrity

Money can’t buy integrity; how people see you when it comes to following your own set rules, is one thing you have to convince people within a period of time.

You have to convince people that when you say A you actually mean A.

10. True Love

Love is one of the oldest principles in the universe. It has been around hundreds of years before money. In this list, if there’s something I’m wrong about that money can’t buy, it’s certainly not love.

Money can’t buy love. Love in any way you may want to look at it, is more about care and respect. Care and respect is like the fountain of love, they are part of the guiding principles of love, and by the nature of what care and respect is all about, they are also something money can’t buy.

Your attitude, character, manners, morals, and more other potentials can make you lovable, but not money. Money can magnify your opportunity to be loved but it can never buy you true love.

There are many other things money can’t buy for us. There are valuable virtues that only our internal/emotion composition and action can earn us. The tip here is that while we chase money, let’s not loss sight of the virtues that requires no money to build or develop.

Now your turn, what other things do you think can not be bought with money that was not be mentioned above? Please share in the comments section below.

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