A Student of UNIMAID Caught After She Killed Her New Born Baby And Tried To Force Her Down The Toilet

This sad incident happened at the University of Maiduguri in Borno State, according to a report the lady gave birth to a baby girl, killed the baby and was trying to force the dead body through the toilet when she was caught.

This incident was said to have happened at Murtala Female Hostel, on May 24th, and was shared by Facebook user, Enyigwe Supreme Peter, who wrote:

Some ladies are heartless..crazy, stupid. In fact I don’t know any word suitable to describe this lady. Sometimes I wonder why some girls don’t have the fear of God in their life..

The picture below is a true life story of what just happened at Murtala female Hostel at the University of Maiduguri today.

As a lady gave birth to a female child..killed the child by herself and was coercing the child into the female hostel toilet..My question is… If this lady was treated in this manner will she be alive today?? Who will marry such a heartless woman as a wife?”.

See Pictures below:

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