Elderly Couple Traveled 23 Countries Just By Selling Tea

It’s interesting what human can do when they decide on something and commit to it.

While most people dream of hitting a jackpot before living there dreams, this couple are looking at things differently.

Despite that it cost a lot to travel the world, this couple has proven that traveling the world is not impossible even if you are not rich.

If you have desires and set goals towards them, it’s possible to achieve them.

This couple have managed to visit 23 countries by just selling tea.

Vijayan and Mohana are a couple in their 70s who have been married for 45 years. They come from India and they are owners of a small tea shop located in Kochi, South India. They work at their shop called Shree Balaji Coffee House and they put aside INR300 from their profits in order to fulfill their dream of traveling.

Vijayan used to sell tea on the streets before opening his shop. They are keeping their expenses to the minimum when abroad in order to avoid crossing over their budget. They also took a loan for their travels and they pay for it by selling tea. They put pictures of their adventures in their tea shop once they return.

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This couple has visited 23 countries and they don’t plan to stop here. They say that the most favorite places for them were America, New York, Singapore and Switzerland. However, their dream does not end here as they are planning to visit more European countries such as Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and also Greenland.

Watch Vijayan and Mohana share their story:

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