Someone Asked: Is Spend Monetary Value on A Partner Wrong?  

Understanding is one of the building blocks to happy and strong relationships, but even if this becomes fact, people will still have different perception about understanding in relationships.

But, understanding is very important when it comes to the issue of spending monetary value on a partner.

I know this might draw a lot of controversies, my motion here is, if you have the resources, it’s reasonable to, “spending much on a partner in a relationship that is founded on care and love”

Now, to be able to understand my motion on the aspects of spending Monetary Value on a partner, we need to understand the concept of giving, especially in relationships. Giving in relationships is not a one way thing, and it’s also not all about monetary value.

Giving in relationships, include giving your time, attention, gift, physical support, emotional support and also monetary value. These things are what when add up makes someone feel cared for and loved.

Talking about spending (which in this case might be in giving monetary value) on a partner, this issue should be judged based on whether the two parties love and care for one another.

In a relationship where love exists between two persons, and they both care for one another, the idea about spending much on a partner will not have a base.

Here is what I mean, if care exists in a relationship, by the nature of what care is all about, partners who understands the nature of care and love, can learn when and how to adjust their personal interest just to support their partner.

Let me draw a picture to illustrate this,

Take for instance, If James is in a relationship with Joycy, and they both love and care for one another. Since care and love exist in their relationship, going by what care and love is all about and also if they understand them, their goal will be to find ways of caring and loving each other better, that will include sacrificing to an extent for one another.

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Ok, lets say James didn’t have his life figured out, and Joycy came in and helped him figure out something, based on the fact that she loves and cares for him, Joycy helping out here might not really be by giving James monetary value, it might be supporting him, or helping him believe in himself, which is one of things most men want from their woman, it might also be Joycy providing useful advice to James based on the fact that she understands James journey.

Now, James is doing fine, isn’t it reasonable if James spend all he can on Joycy?

What about in a situation where Joycy has a business idea, and needed fund to get started. If James has the money, won’t it be cruel if he did not help the person he confesses to care and love, actualize her ideas.

Let’s take another perceptive on the issues, let say James have a huge deal he wants to secure and he needs to save up to raise money for it – that could mean for months Joycy will not be getting support (financially) because James is saving for an important event in his life.

Joycy  played cool, because she cares and want the best for James (a kind of sacrifice), If by tomorrow James comes out successfully, don’t you think Joycy deserves to get all her needs, including wants, that James can afford?

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With the illustrations above, you can picture either of the partner in opposite situations, like put James in Joycy’s situation and Joycy in James situation.

When you look at it from these point of views, you might get the fact that spending monetary value on partner in a relationship can be justified based on the foundation of the relationships.

If the foundation is built with, (among many good substance for building lovely and viable relationships,) care and love, and if both party understands what care is all about and have defined love in a way that is acceptable to both self, then understanding should be the focusing point.

If you are in relationship and someone who doesn’t care needs your help, it will be always difficult to make the sacrifice, because spending for someone who doesn’t care much about you ignites a lots of negative thoughts and feelings about your actions.

Also, Knowing that monetary value is a kind of giving, if both partner understand the nature of giving in relationships, they can also capitalise on that, by understand what they could give back to their partner In a way to pay back for the monetary value they have received.

Giving in relationships should always be 50/50, although someday your partner might struggle, you may just have to suck up that 80/20 or 100/0, but this can only last for awhile because there’s always a limit we can reach when we give without reciving.

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